First National Forum Cities’ Climate Ambitions Takes Place

Group photo of Cities’ Climate Ambitions participants outside the UCU Sheptytskyi Center in Lviv

The first National Forum Cities’ Climate Ambitions took place in Lviv on November 2829, gathering over 200 participants from 48 cities and towns and becoming the first Ukrainian event of this scope.

At the event, 21 cities signed the Forum Declaration, recognizing the climate emergency in the world and supporting the goal of the Paris Agreement to keep the global warming within 1.5ºC by 2020 by means of gradual transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources (RES). If your city wants to join and support the declaration too, please send an email to

Baranivka amalgamated community and Trostianets city council expressed their intention of transition to 100% RES by 2050 and signed the respective memorandum with the international organization Currently, there are seven cities in Ukraine that intend to switch to 100% RES: Zhytomyr, Chortkiv, Lviv, Kamianets-Podilskyi, Poltava, Trostianets and Baranivka.

Heads of Baranivka amalgamated hromada and Trostianets city council and Svitlana Romanko (EECCA Regional Coordinator of during the signing of the memorandum with

Association of Small Towns of Ukraine has also signed a memorandum with and will support the process of energy transition of its member towns.

The Energy Transition Coalition was presented. It is a union of NGOs working to facilitate Ukraine’s transition to economical energy consumption and the use of renewable energy sources. Now, the coalition members are, EcoClub, EcoAction, Khmelnytskyi Energy Cluster, Ecoltava and Ukrainian Agency of Investments and Sustainable Development. You can join, too, by choosing the relevant option and filling out the form here.

Participants of the panel discussion “Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities”

Here you can find presentations from the forum, dedicated to climate change, transition to renewable energy sources (RES), transformation of coal regions, climate justice and adaptation.

Photos from the Forum Cities’ Climate Ambitions can be viewed here.

Videos from the Forum:

·         forum opening;

·         panel discussion “Climate Change: Challenges and Opportunities”;

·         panel discussion “The Role of Cities Uniting and Networking”;

·         panel discussion “Cooperation of the Government and Communities for Energy Transition”;

·         press conference that took place at the Forum.

The National Forum Cities’ Climate Ambitions was organized by the Ukrainian Climate Network (NGO Working Group on Climate Change),, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Kyiv Office — Ukraine, PLEDDG Project and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Photos by Olena Angelova