The Heinrich Boell Foundation is a legally independent German foundation affiliated with Alliance '90/The Greens. It is a  non-profit organization which disposes both of 16 offices located in the federal states of Germany and 21 foreign offices working in 60 countries in four continents.

Main activities of the foundation are: supporting democracy and political education of society, strengthening involvement of civil society in political progresses, improvement of international understanding. Basic values for the organization are environmental protection, democracy, social equality and solidarity; it acts according to Heinrich Boell words: “Intervention is the only way to keep on being realistic.”

The Heinrich Boell Foundation supports the development of democracy and the creation of social-political commitment. Our objective is to create a just ideology in society.  More information about the foundation, its history, its status and its structure is available on in German and English, in German and Polish as well as on in Russian.

Since the early 1990s the Heinrich Boell Foundation is active in Central and Eastern Europe. The regional office is located in Warsaw and collaborates with the foreign offices in Kiev and Prague. These offices are involved in political and social processes in their countries and in processes concerning the European Union enlargement.  Especial attention is payed on exchanging views between the old and the new members of the EU as well as on issues about EU enlargement. Furthermore, intrastate problems in Central and Eastern Europe of social-political context are discussed.

On February, the 4th 2008 a new office of the Heinrich Boell Foundation was opened in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. Main activities of the office are: supporting democracy and political education of society, supporting of regional projects for climate protection, Gender and equality politics and protection of human rights. The foundations objectives are achieved by public discussions, conferences, seminars, debates etc.   

Heinrich Böll

Heinrich Böll is one of the most important and best-known writers of the Federal Republic of Germany. "Bound by the times and my contemporaries, to what my generation has lived through, experienced, seen, and heard," as he himself wrote, he was the critical chronicler of Germany’s history at mid-century.

Mission Statement

The Heinrich Böll Foundation is part of the Green political movement that has developed worldwide as a response to the traditional politics of socialism, liberalism, and conservatism. Our main tenets are ecology and sustainability, democracy and human rights, self-determination and justice.

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Last publications

Energy Atlas of Europe 2018


The European Energy Atlas is published at a time when EU Member States are discussing a sustainable energy and climate strategy up to 2030. It shows the situation of the various energy policy discussions in the European Member States and highlights the climate and energy challenges we are facing. It offers a clear alternative to how the energy transition can succeed: a national energy transition can only truly succeed if it is embedded in a larger European context. So knowing what happens around Europe in terms of energy policy is key!

The Real Price of Coal in the Wartime Donbas: a Human Rights Perspective


This publication presents results of a study conducted by the Eastern-Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives in cooperation with partner organizations from the Coalition of human rights organizations and initiatives “Justice for Peace in Donbas” with support of the Heinrich Boell Foundation’s Office in Ukraine. 

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Welcome to the website of the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Office in Kiev. We hope that our new format will help you to get acquaintance with our activity and put right with our partners.

To Your attention we presented such topics as: democracy, ecology and international politics, where we write about our own events and our partners’ projects. In column “Publications” we present printed editions of Heinrich Böll Foundation in Ukraine. In column “About us” you can gain more information about aim of  the Heinrich Böll Foundation’s Office in Kiev and find all information to contact it in Ukraine. 

We wish you pleasure reading and happy to hear you proposals and review. 

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