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Promoting democracy and the development of civil society: developing the tolerant political culture of participation, encouraging decision-making on the local and national levels; cultivating an inclusive critical discussion on historical and social issues; expanding the green movement based on left-liberal ideas.

Among the significant achievements of the program in Ukraine there is an essential strengthening of the urban movement and the professional community of critical historical analysis.


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Climate & Energetics

Climate change and energy policies: promoting ambitious climate change policies, making public discourse in the question of equitable energy transition to renewable energy sources and the issue of women's rights in the energy sector, supporting the environmental public movement.

Among the main achievements of the program, one can mention the level of influence of civil society on decision-making in the field of environmental and climate protection, as well as the introduction of energy efficiency in public discourse at the national level.


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Gender Democracy

Gender democracy, women's rights, LGBT rights: popularization of the discussion on gender issues in public discourse, supporting the study of gender in the educational environment, supporting the feminist movement, promoting the visibility of LGBT issues.

Among the main achievements of the program are the introduction of an anti-discrimination expertise of school textbooks at the national level, raising the awareness of the education community, and mainstreaming gender issues, including LGBT issues, in public discourse.