Democratic political culture

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Green Values for Everyday Use

This brochure is the result of experience of Ukrainian experts and activists working in the field of environmental and human rights protection, city policy, etc.

Gender democracy

Climate and Energetics

Plate with meat on pink bakgroung

Meat Atlas 2021

If the meat sector continues to grow as it has up to now, almost 360 million tons of meat will be produced and consumed worldwide in 2030. 



Insects' Atlas, 2020 (Ger.)

Agrar Atlas, 2018 

Agrifood Atlas, 2017 

Meat Atlas, 2014

Mobility Atlas, 2019

Soil Atlas, 2018 

Ocean Atlas, 2017 

Europe Atlas, 2014 (Ger.)

Plastic Atlas, 2019

Energy Atlas, 2018

Coal Atlas, 2015