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Have you ever wondered what green values are and if they are relevant today? Whether recycling is enough to counter climate change? How to make your office more tolerant? How to meet the needs of different groups in decision-making? Let’s find the answers to these and other questions together in this booklet. 

This booklet is the result of the joint efforts and practices of Ukrainian experts and activists who work in the areas of environmental protection, human rights, urban policy and others. We present this booklet at a moment when Ukrainian society is actively transforming and at the same time faces serious challenges. What is needed is political stability, systemic reforms, protection of human rights and environmental solutions. At the same time, global threats are growing. The pandemic, growing populism, ecological crisis, escalating violence, radical right-wing movements and hate crimes, social inequality and increasing social tension have been affecting people around the world. Each of us plays a major part in overcoming and mitigating the consequences of these problems. And since these challenges are interconnected, they need to be tackled together.

In addition to a summary of the essence of green values, you'll find self-assessment questions for each of them in this booklet. The questions can be addressed at the personal, team and systemic levels. You can check whether green values are being implemented in your team and plan further steps to encourage your organisation to develop in a more holistic way. We hope this booklet will help us as a community to better understand each other and grow stronger for the sake of the sustainable democratic future of Ukraine and the world.

The brochure is only available online.

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Heinrich Boell Foundation (Kyiv, Ukraine)
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Green Values for Everyday Use