Gender democracy

Climate and Energetics

Infographics: Women and Men in the Energy Sector of Ukraine


Infographics presents the main results of the study "Women and Men in the Energy Sector of Ukraine", which was carried out in 2018 - early 2019 with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Bureau of Kyiv-Ukraine by the State Institution "Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine"


The Real Price of Coal in the Wartime Donbas: a Human Rights Perspective


This publication presents results of a study conducted by the Eastern-Ukrainian Center for Civic Initiatives in cooperation with partner organizations from the Coalition of human rights organizations and initiatives “Justice for Peace in Donbas” with support of the Heinrich Boell Foundation’s Office in Ukraine. 


Plastic Atlas, 2019, (Ger.)

Обкладинка атласу пластику

Energy Atlas, 2018

Енергетичний атлас обкладинка

Coal Atlas, 2015 

Обкладинка вугільного атласу

Agrar Atlas, 2018 

Обкладинка аграрного атласу

Agrifood Atlas, 2017 

Обкладинка аграрного атласу

Meat Atlas, 2014

Обкладинка атласу м

Soil Atlas, 2018 

Обкладинка атласу грунтів

Ocean Atlas, 2017 

Обкладинка атласу океанів

Europe Atlas, 2014 (Ger.)

Обкладинка атласу Європи
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