Gender Democracy

Gender Democracy


Gender issues in Ukraine are getting more and more popular – in media, in academia, in public events. Today ‘gender issues’ include not only the issues of equality between women and men, feminism, but also the issues of sexual orientation and gender identity, queer studies and minority rights, which are often under pressure. Alongside with the positive tendencies in the society – critical analysis of the existing gender order, identification of inequalities, orientation on European values, we can observe strengthening of the conservative right wing and religious approaches, that are characterized with hierarchy, exclusivity and gettoization of minorities.

We actively support initiatives of the public organizations in their work on promoting gender democracy. Through cooperation with stable partners, support of young and creative women’s and LGBT-organizations, conferences, training courses, public discussions, exhibitions, research, publications, and other public work we attempt to support development and democratization of Ukrainian society.

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We are pleased to invite you to take part in the international academic practice conference “Multiculturalism. Gender. Identity. Queer research in the post-soviet region” (June 16-17, 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Destroyed houses around Slavyansk. In war situations, women are pushed out of the public and into the private sphere which has long since ceased to be the place of homey home

In times of war, when only the voice of arms is heard, the voice of the unarmed is lost; however it is essential to listen to the latter because sooner or later the arms will go silent and it will be necessary to start learning to live in peace.

The representatives of Heinrich Böll Fund in Ukraine actively support initiatives of public organizations in enlightening the problem of gender democracy.

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