Portrait of Oksana Aliieva

“The European Green Deal provides a chance to rebuild industries in a socially and environmentally acceptable way. And this is a key opportunity to attract more women to work in new fields, and to create favourable conditions for them in the energy and industry sectors. The world is undergoing energy transformation, and Ukraine is also on its way to abandoning fossil fuels. Energy is being rebuilt, new jobs are being created in renewable energy, IT support, development of these projects. And this new must be created taking into account the mistakes of the past. The mining industries used to be entirely the purview of men, women were also few and far between in engineering sectors. New sectors and new enterprises should have gender policies, gender quotas. This should be done from the get-go,” suggests Oksana Aliieva, coordinator of the Climate Change and Energy Policy Program with Heinrich Boell Foundation, Kyiv Office — Ukraine.