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Human security. Specifics and opportunities for Ukraine

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Security is foremost about people and their rights. Until recently widespread concept of national security focused on protecting states from external threats. However, switching attention to human and community security allows us to look both deliberately and holistically at the problems and challenges facing modern humanity, which directly threaten its existence. Pandemics, climate change, social injustice, and physical violence are just a few challenges that the world faces daily. Security is about respect and interaction in the community, physical security and justice, economic security, health, the cities and the environment in which we live. In whatever way we talk about human security, we are talking about the protection of the whole set of human rights and freedoms, as well as the governance mechanisms that create all the conditions for such protection.

We are proud to present a collection of policy papers "Human Security: Features and Possibilities of Implementation in Ukraine", in which analysts take a look at such elements of human security in Ukraine as political and personal security, community security, law enforcement and security, climate security in cities, and how they interlinked.

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